Photo of food with Moien Shafiee

One of the most important and influential works on the audience is the photo, because it can convey a good feeling to the audience in the shortest time. For this model of advertising, we suggest a photo of food with Moien Shafiee.

Who is Moien Shafiee?

Moien Shafiee is a food advertising photographer.

They started their activity professionally in 1998 and have been working with many restaurants and are ready to take advertising photos and accompany your business with a team with experience and advanced tools.

Advertising photography

Photography is the only and most important element in advertising and plays a very important role in billboards, magazines, posters, etc.

It may take hours to write the title of the product to explain the product, but in the end it is the photo that can attract the audience.

These types of photos are usually without shadows and backgrounds (clear and monochrome backgrounds), but there are exceptions.

The purpose of this type of photography is to attract the attention of the audience and ultimately sell the product.

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